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Commerce City HVAC repair professional services AC condensorIf you haven't had someone check your heating and cooling system in the past few years, there's a good chance that it is driving up your utility bills. Calling in our Commerce City HVAC team to do preventative maintenance can make your system more efficient and result in reduced running times for both your furnace and air conditioner. Since these are two of the most expensive units to replace in the entire home, reducing their run times and extending their lives will save you from costly replacements for years to come.

Our heating and cooling specialists are often called in diagnose and repair mystery knocking sounds, air flow issues and temperature problems.

The majority of the time the fault lies directly with a dirty air filter. This is one of the easiest, yet most overlooked, maintenance issues for the entire system. The air filter should be checked and changed at least every 3 months. If you run your heater or air conditioner for more than six hours a day, the filter may need to be changed every month.

HVAC Repair & Installation in Commerce City CO

Our Commerce City CO HVAC team installs and maintains a wide variety of equipmentWhen an air filter isn't changed several things can happen in your heating and cooling system. First, dust that would normally be caught by the filter will get around and collect in the burn chamber or on the blower motor. This can lead to the motor running hot and burning out. Additionally, since it is harder to pull air into the system, the blower motor must work harder to get combustible air into the burn chamber. This can also cause the motor to fail prematurely.

A dirty air filter also leads to poor air quality within your home. Allergens will travel around the filter and be pushed through the forced air system out into the vents in the home. If you, or anyone in your home, suffers from allergies, a dirty filter can cause these allergens to build up in the ductwork and be pushed out in small bursts every time that the air conditioner turns on.

In addition to air filters, our Commerce City heating and cooling team does all maintenance-related issues, including condenser coil cleaning, evaporator tray clearing, blower motor drive belt replacement, plenum checks, heat exchanger and carbon monoxide checks, gas valve cleaning and replacement, thermostat replacement, duct sealing and cleaning, attic soffit installation and solar or electric attic fan installation.

If you have any questions about your heating and cooling system, or would just like to have a spring cleaning done on your duct work, call our Commerce City HVAC team today.

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